Winter notepad printable

Winter notepad printable

Groundhogs & edelweiss from February printable calendar made me want to create another little notepad for our many daily notes, this Winter (Fall Printable Notepad). This time, I thought it would be nice to be able to personalize it. It’s about 3.5 inches X 5 1/4 inches.

Here are the instructions to create your own notepad.

Personalize your notepad

First you may want to personalize the title from “Winter Notepad” to anything you like. I create an editable pdf for you to do so:

Open the pdf file with Acrobat reader (it will properly work only with this software – download here: >>> Click on the purple “Highlight Fields” button: Areas that you can type in will be highlighted! (You can change the text. But you can not change the font or color)
Review your file to be sure it is customized correctly. Save your changes and you are then ready to print.


Print the cover first alone. You may choose cardboard for the cover and ordinary paper for inside pages. Then print the inside pages on both sides as many time as you want. But two times should be enough for a small notepad.


  1. Fold the pages by the center. You can score the fold on the cover if you want something really clean.
  2. Put the pages inside the folded cover.
  3. Align the sides
  4. Cut with a ruler. Don’t hesitate to repeat the operation if necessary.
  5. Assemble as you like: sewing it or with a stapler… 6. On this notepad, I used a heart I crocheted with a raw string.

(Images from the previous notepad)

Editable Winter notepad printable

Winter notepad printable

Winter notepad printable

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