Aperçu Calendrier de l'Avent Noël à Paris - Christmas in Paris Advent Calendar

About the Christmas in Paris Advent Calendar

When I begin to design an advent calendar kit, I often start telling myself a story and thinking about a certain mood I’d like to communicate with colors and forms. This is precisely the process that took place with The Christmas in Paris Advent Calendar.

Setting the mood for an Advent Calendar

In the shop, I start the listing description as follows:

 Imagine strolling download the Champs Elysées in Paris, in France on a Christmas night…

It is basically the exact story I told myself to create it. Cities are beautiful at night when the street lights transform them in a sort of golden piece of jewelry; when shops windows are living paintings ; when the festive season is drawing near.

My son is particularly eager to go on a stroll at night.

And then there is Paris. The most beautiful town in the world.

Or so they say – I won’t try and convince anyone for I am french 🙂 –

I lived the near Paris when I was younger. I remember going to the theater or to the restaurant as a kid with my parents. They were real moments of amazment: The large streets, the boillant noise of life. The beautiful Haussmann high buildings.

These kind of buildings are common features for large cities accross France. They are quite square but there are always small details that make them luxurious and all singular.

So I had to start and make a Paris version of my favorite printable kit: Advent Calendar! I hope I did render this feeling of delicacy of the gift box/buildings and of a magical Christmas night.

->  The Advent Calendar Night in Paris in the shop

Aperçu Calendrier de l'Avent Noël à Paris - Christmas in Paris Advent Calendar

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