Advent activities ideas – going outside in the light

A few days ago I showed you the Christmas in Paris Advent calendar which inspiration came a fantasized stroll in the city lights of Christmas. With the same theme, I imagined 24 winter activities before Christmas to enjoy the small things and bring light into your days: a good way too to take care of oneself.

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Going outside,  being curious and kind

Last January a good friend of mine invited us to participate on what she called a gold star journey.

The idea is to go on physical activity every day even if it’s a small one such as walking.there is no competition or search for performance only the satisfaction to stick a gold star to your calendar and to know you did something healthy for yourself.

With the same idea I offer you daily activities to print on tags that match the Christmas in Paris Advent calendar. Instead of a gift you will be able to fill your calendar with small challenges. They relate to physical activity, to being curious but also to small act of kindness.

24 Advent activities for December

  1. Go to get a look at animated shop windows or city lights
  2. Have a little chat with your neighbors
  3. Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  4. Go for a night stroll
  5. Offer yourself a nice candle
  6. Walk instead of taking your car even for 1 hour round-trip
  7. Put a candle at your window
  8. Go for a photoshoot in town
  9. Let’s go to the park for sunset
  10. Spend some time organizing dim lights at home
  11. Go for a walk first thing in the morning
  12. Have a candle lit dinner
  13. Build some tea light holders (or tea light holder DIY or here)
  14. Try meditation
  15. Have a day without any screen (mobile, TV…)
  16. Offer yourself a night out (movies, theater, restaurant…)
  17. Invite friends for dinner
  18. Phone a person you care about
  19. Take a candle lit bath or shower
  20. Give a small gift to a stranger
  21. Take a break and really listen to a favorite song
  22. Go to bed early with cosy reading
  23. Share genuine compliment to people close to you
  24. Organize a picnic in a nice place (hot beverages , sandwichs…)

The Activity card printable come with a page of blank tags so that you can create your own activity


24 idées d

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