Printable: gift voucher

24 filling ideas for advent calendars – part 2

filling ideas for advent calendar


Last monday, I started a list of 12 first filling ideas for Advent calendars. Today, I ‘ll complete this list with free printables, more links and ideas to prepare 24 days full of surprises.


Printable: gift voucher

  • 13. Gift voucher.

Here is a series of gift vouchers to help you fill your advent calendar (just like last year: 27 filling ideas for advent calendars). They are also useful to give larger gift that won’t fit in an advent box or to offer activities to do together.

>> Penguins printable gift voucher

Printable: gift voucher

Cosmetics :

  • 14. Nourishing lipstick.

  • 15. Soap petals.

I was fascinated as a young girl by these. Here is the link to a lovely shop that sells green pear soap petals.



  • 16. Bath bombs.

I found these lavender bath bomb that look great: Lavender bath bomb




Ornaments & decoration :

  • 17. Masking tape.

  • 18. Small stamps.

They are now really affordable and come in sets.

  • 19. Led tea light.

I don’t know if it’s the same in your home but my kids are passionnate about tea light and night light. I tried to transform a penguin advent box in a tea light holder. It was a success: I cut out the star, added a small piece of cristal paper et voilà !

tea light penguin box

  • 20. DIY décoration kit.

Pretty easy: the basic idea is to fill the advent box with elements to create a simple tree ornament.

I tought about a cinnamome stick, a ribbon and a pine cone? It will be easy to assemble and will smell good on the tree. There are plenty of ideas to find.

idée kit ornement

Games :

  • 21. Chinese jump rope.

  • 22. Marbles.

  • 23. DIY paper dice to improvise games.

paper dice printable

>> Printable paper dice

  • 24. Paper fortune teller.

This origami game is always funny. I left it blank so that you can create your own games.

Printable: paper fortune teller

Printable: paper fortune teller

 >> Printable Penguin Fortune teller

Here is the end of this mini série of posts on ideas for Advent calendars. I hope you have filled your bag with plenty of ideas and inspiration to turn December in a great period of magic for your loves ones.

See you soon to keep on enjoying this wonderful time of the year.



filling ideas for advent calendar

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