Fall notepad printable

Fall notepad printable 1

Fall notepad printable

Yep, it’s Friday !

It seems you particularly enjoyed my printable calendar for October. I am so glad !

I though I could create something else with this nice pattern made with corns, pumpkins, nuts and colorful dots.

I needed a notepad to gather the passwords I create around, on websites and other Internet services. I am the kind of person who write them down on sheets of paper and get surrounded by paper not knowing where to find what I am looking for. Oh I know somme wonderful apps exist but I am still a paper person.

So here is this notepad! May be you will use too to gather your passwords. Hush hush, precious notepad !

It’s about 3.5 inches X 5 1/4 inches. Pretty easy to assemble :

Print the cover first alone. Then print the inside pages on both sides as many time as you want. But two times should be enough for a small notepad.

  1. Fold the pages by the center. You can score the fold on the cover if you want something really clean.
  2. Put the pages inside the folded cover.
  3. Align the sides
  4. Cut with a ruler. Don’t hesitate to repeat the operation if necessary.
  5. Assemble as you like: sewing it or with a stapler…

Download the Fall notepad printable

>> Fall notepad printable

Fall notepad printable

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