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Halloween 2021

Thoughts and latest printables

I remember while reading old posts, the pleasure and energy I used to put into sharing ideas, projects and DIY on this blog. It’s a full time job and I don’t tackle it anymore. I usually tell my big boy that people sharing consistently on the Internet are full time entrepreneurs that must work hard to maintain their success.

Yet I still enjoy telling myself stories to create small printable boxes for parties. I like to work with colors, folding, thinking about the design I am looking for. But then, being on the spot of social media, sharing and promoting is annoying. Sharing a life style too ask for so much energy and consistency.

I still gather dried flowers when I go for a walk in the country, or pick up dead branches because they look fantastic, I still draw a little and create but I lack the energy to share.

Halloween 2021
Well there is Intagram…

Enough complaints, here are the latest Halloween printables

Halloween is obviously still inspiring. I was born in the US but didn’t live there. I always envy my family for their memories of real American Halloweens, there in the north of New York State.

Halloween 2021
Apparently I wanted to work with vivid colors this year. I remember an old black and white Halloween. feelings change and that’s nice.

It was fun to work with black silhouettes and shapes for both the coffins and haunted house box. I think I will try to make more box in the shape of houses. I think it’s so fun. You start to imagine stories as if they were toys from childhood. (I know I already made different advent calendar – gingerbread houses & Amsterdam – all the same !)

Cheers, see u too, I hope.

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