Poppy wallpaper

Tomorrow it will be the french holiday commemorating the falling down of La Bastille. With the blog event on mondays, #flowerpower2015, I immediately imagined a french flag made of flowers. The red from the flag comes from gorgeous poppies that welcome visitors in a friendly house in Jura. Again Flowers from Jura then…

Drapeau français en fleurs 14 juillet !


This beautiful poppy in a close shot made me went to design a desktop and phone wallpaper. So here they are in many sizes. Hope you like it.


Poppy wallpaper 16:9 & 4:3

fond écran coquelicot

fond écran coquelicot



Poppy wallpaper Iphone 4

iphone4-poppy1fond écran iphone4 - poppy

Poppy wallpaper Iphone 5


iphone5-poppy1fond écran iphone5 - poppy

Poppy wallpaper Iphone 6

iphone6-poppy1fond écran iphone6 poppy


Poppy wallpaper Ipad

desktop-ipad-poppy1fond écran ipad coquelicot

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