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A few weeks ago, when Spring was brand new, I bought some flowers to renew my windows box planters. I was delighted to bring bright colors in the house. I took many photos. Since then, I wanted to create printables related to flowers but never get the chance to get it started. It’s difficult not to be sensible to the beauty and fragility of flowers.

Flower printable #flowerpower2015 Flower for mondays

Last week, I read an article from a fellow blogger Zazaboo about a photo event on blogs on mondays: #flowerpower2015. The principle is to post whenever you can on mondays, a photo, a picture or a drawing of a flower. It was initiated by a french blogger Bernieshoot to brighten the monday mornings.
Flower printable #flowerpower2015 Flower for mondays
I was motivated by this weekly event. May be it was just what I needed to get my project started. No better way to create than to impose oneself some rules. Futhermore, I really enjoy taking picture of flowers (see this article about 14 sunny desktop wallpapers as a proof).
So I decided to participate with a precise project: I plan to create a paper flower printable for each monday. The template of the papercut will always be the same but I plan to change the colors and pattern each week, in relation to a photo of flower.
So let’s begin, today: a photo and a printable.  I choose a photo of the flowers I mentionned for my windows box planters. Primroses are simple flowers and simple is often beautiful.
I hope you like my idea and that I will post as regurlarly as possible so that in the end, we will be able to print and create a huge bouquet of multicolored paper flowers.
4th may flower printable - #flowerpower2015

The flower printable

Have a nice week!
4th may flower printable - #flowerpower2015