Photos & Printable de fleur : La rose

Paper flower: the rose #flowerpower2015 #6

#Flowerpower2015 The rose printable

The year I got married, I planted a rosebush by the door of the family country house. We planted many flowers at the time to brighten the gardern where the party was taking place.

Years later, this rosebush keeps on growing and blossoming with beautiful pink pompoms. I really like its romantic and vintage style.
I took pictures of three stages of its blossoming. There was a tiny hole made by an insect in the rosebud. It created a funny pattern once the flower was all blossomed.
personalize your printable #Flowerpower2015 tulip printable 25th may
I chose the rose for the my flower printable, today. To personalize it, I printed two times the corolla to superimpose them. I could I done it a couple of time to render the many petals of a rosebud.
The rose flower printable

The rose: a paper flower printable:

I had to replace the vase for the paper flowers.
Hope you enjoy the printable.
#Flowerpower2015 The rose printable

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