zucchini flower printable

Zucchini flower printable, summer & sunny recipes

zucchini flower for mondays
Summer will soon be there in the garden. Especially with zucchinis and their nice flowers in the shape of a cocoon. I choose this flower for today’s #flowerpower2015. It’s the last monday in Springtime and a great time to anticipate Summer with its colors, perfumes and nice sunny recipes.
Next week will be the last flowerpower printable on the blog: change of season, change of habits (or in a different way). I will choose a flower that symbolises Summer for me and offer you a last printable with all the patterns created for the paper flower printables so far.
zucchini flower for mondays
But for now, let’s enjoy a nice rustical flower: the zucchini flower. I learned there were femal flower which stem is the vegetable we eat, and the male flower that obviously pollinates the vegetable.
I often enjoy week ends in the family house near les gorges of the Loire. This year, zucchinis were planted in tne small kitchen garden. Zucchinis are great summer vegetables along with tomatoes and eggplant. I like to cook them together in a ratatouille à ma façon. I organise tiny slices of each in a dish, add olive oil, garlic and herbs generously. This meal looks as good as it tastes.
zucchini flower printable

The Zucchini flower printable

I know zucchini flower can be cooked too, but I never tried it.
Have a nice monday and nice week. May the coming summer gives you plenty of nice ideas for recipes.

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