Napkin rings printable – Candelmas (french Chandeleur)

Pancake napkin rings printable Chandeleur French holidayPancake napkin rings printable Chandeleur French holidayMany holidays mark out our calendar. I must admit I really like to carry on the tradition and have many little celebrations along the year.
In France, we celebrate La Chandeleur (Candlemas) with pancakes (crêpes: much thinner than pancakes). It’s really fun to have a meal based on pancakes with children. Especially when they want to flip the crêpe. The tradition is that one must cook the pancake with the right hand and hold a gold coin (Louis d’or) in the left hand to bring wealth along the year.
Obviously, I don’t own a Louis d’or. Therefore I thought I could create a small ribbon of paper with a Louis d’Or to hold and decorate my pancakes. Since I am a lot into diamond pattern lately, I create another one with a diamond.
This holiday also celebrate the Light. Therefore I am not far from the subject with something that shines.
It can also be used as a napkin ring.
And here’s the recipe for crêpes as we make them for this occasion in France:
Pancake napkin rings printable Chandeleur French holiday

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