#littledecorationideas – Personalized keyboard

I will start here a series of posts about focuses on details in our house. As I take photos, I will share little ideas on home decoration.

Let’s start with my desk, where I work and spend most of my time. Let’s get closer to the keyboard I am using right now to type these words. It’s an old one from my previous computer. I kept it because of the numeric keypad and because it still works perfectly even though it’s white and awful to clean.

#little decoration ideas Personalized keyboard

I like to add a little fancy to it. I often use masking tape on different keys. The spacing bar is always decorated but I may change the color and the keys I decorate. It’s nice then to have the feeling something is bright new on the desk. (This masking tap come from IKEA)

#little decoration ideas Personalized keyboard

#little decoration ideas Personalized keyboard for childrenI did the same thing some time ago on an old keyboard but for a different purpose: children want to imitate adults with their computer. When they are really young they really want to touch the amazing keyboard. It’s impossible to do anything with the computer then.

Therefore, when my son was less than one year old, I used his stickers to decorate a keyboard especially for him. I even drew patterns on it. Then, with him on my knees, his keyboard next to him and my mine a little farther, every one was happy.

And later, this keyboard was often used as a pull toy. It was a great simple toy indeed. (On the last picture we can see it ’s gotten old. With young children you must check if the keys will hold on as shown.) If It can be a useful idea for young mum and dad, I would be delighted!

#little decoration ideas Personalized keyboard for children


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