calendrier de septembre 2016 à imprimer

September printable Calendar – The End of Summer

Calendrier de Septembre - Fin de saison

“Back to school” was the obvious theme I could have chosen for the calendar this month. But I really didn’t feel like it.

It’s not that I don’t want to go back to the day to day life: I am eager to keep up with my projects and jobs to come.

Nonetheless, I wanted to capture the blissful moment when every thing is still along the beach where it was once so busy. The moment when you are so peaceful and yet so full of renewed energy. It’s a way to keep the beautiful memories of this summer and the good vibes gathered with the sunny days.

Hope you will enjoy !

September printable calendar 2016

September Printable Calendar

>>September 2016 Calendar

Desktop Wallpaper

Septemberdesktop wallpaper

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cellphone wallpaper

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