February calendar printable – Pink !

Yesterday was Blue monday, the supposed gloomiest day of the year. It’s true that it rained all day here. May be that’s why I was afraid to get gloomy myself and made a bright pink calendar for February : Desktop wall paper & printable.

Obviously Valentine’s day helped to choose the subject of my calendar. But I also add many drops of bright colors to recall the Carnival or Harlequin’s costume : I hope it will bring back the energy needed in the middle of winter.

February 2015 printable calendar


Lately I have been quite fond of the association between the heart shape and diamond : I used it on a printable crown I made. And I created a heart shaped box with a diamond pattern for the shop. It is enhanced by a ribbon. It’s cute ! I am pretty satisfied with the pattern of this box. It needs very small amount of glue and can really be sealed with the paper ribbon. There is also a small tag for a sweet message: find out about the heart shaped box in the shop.

February 2015 printable calendar

Available in english below


It’s nice sometimes to fill one’s environment with pink & tenderness.

February printable calendar

And the desktop wallpaper below:

February 2015 desktop wallpaper calendar


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