Art with paper

Paper interlude – beautiful links

It’s been quiet around here and on Papier Bonbon shop. I have been working on other thongs as a graphic designer, and problems with my shoulders forced me to take it slow for a while.

Nonetheless I can share beautiful images about paper and what artists make with it. A nice time to spend and see how talented people are. Enjoy.

Cutting out

Eiko Ocala creates illustrations using paper of colors and playing with shadows




Masterly Pop-up art

The artiste Tauba Auerbach imagines real sculptures using the art of pop-up.

Des paper-toys architecturaux

zupagrafika sells paper cut-out models representing brutalist architecture of different cities : Paris, Londres… They also created a brutalist alphabet I find quite funny…



Paper fashion ?

I love the excessiveness of this russian artist Asya Kozina. More than dresses or fashion accessories, this is real scenography.

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